As of January 1, 2019 the HearthMaster line of products will no longer be available through Tomahawk or Sioux Chief Manufacturing. Starting on January 1, these products will be made available through a “sister-company” to Sioux Chief called Pro-Flex® CSST. Pro-Flex provides CSST tubing, fittings, and accessories, along with many other rough-in gas products to the plumbing, heating, propane, hearth, and other markets.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of this change?

Gas specialty and fireplace products are sold through many other distribution channels besides plumbing. Depending on the specific market, a variety of companies install gas lines. As a result, these products are sold through a variety of wholesale distribution channels. As a gas products company, Pro-Flex focuses on all these markets. 

Who is Pro-Flex?

Pro-Flex is a 21 year old company based in Indiana. The ownership of Sioux Chief acquired Pro-Flex in 2014. Since then, in addition to expanding the product offering significantly, Pro-Flex has developed and trained a professional rep force that focuses on the appropriate customer base as dictated by the gas licensing requirements. In areas where plumbers do most of the gas installations, Pro-Flex has often enlisted existing Sioux Chief reps. In areas where HVAC contractors do most of the installations, HVAC-focused reps have been hired. 

Will my pricing change?

Your cost should be the same as you were previously paying. You can request a price list from Pro-Flex that will include many new items not previously available from Sioux Chief / Tomahawk. To make this transition as easy as possible, Pro-Flex has lowered the standard FFA amount from $2,500 to $1,000 net for all of 2019. If other buying parameters, ie. buying group programs etc. apply to your account, please contact Pro-Flex directly. 


How do I place an order with Pro-Flex?

Current HearthMaster customers should have an account already set up with Pro-Flex, and you can order using the same item numbers. The best way is to email your purchase order to, If you prefer, you can also fax to (765) 798-6139. No orders will be processed through Sioux Chief after Dec. 31, 2018. 


Who do I contact with questions during the transition?

The New Vendor Information table below contains both Sales and Customer Service names and contact information. You can also contact the Pro-Flex rep in your market. 

Why should I buy from Pro-Flex when I can buy a similar product from another existing vendor?

  • Vendor Consolidation Incentive Program In addition to offering CSST tubing, several other product categories including gas appliance connectors, gas boxes, gas valves, outdoor BBQ accessories, underground gas pipe, risers, and fittings are available through Pro-Flex. A rebate program offering up to a 10% rebate is available for those accounts who consolidate new products from Pro-Flex with their HearthMaster items. In addition to a HearthMaster to Pro-Flex crossover sheet, an electronic version of the complete Pro-Flex Product Guide and Price Sheet is available.

  • Contractor Preference – HearthMaster has a strong following at the contractor level because they appreciate the quality and reliability of our products, especially our log lighter valves. 


    New Vendor Information:

    Vendor Name: Pro-Flex, LLC
    Remit To Address: PO Box 219241, Kansas City, MO 47949
    Customer Service: (765) 798-6137 ext. 312
    Fax Number: (765) 798-6139
    P.O. Email:
    Customer Service Contact: Connie Anderson
    Sales Contact: Nick Hannan (913) 258-0027  |  John Hannan (913) 449-8680
    Payment Terms: 2% 30, net 45 days
    FFA Requirement: $1,000 net through 2019
    Federal ID Number: 37-1655443