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How long will it take for my order to ship?

We strive for a 24 hour shipment time on all orders.

How can I get my net price on an item?

Pricing is variable depending on your specific pricing program. Please call customer service for your multiplier to use with the current list price.

What are Tomahawk's freight terms?

Freight paid orders will total $2,000 net if shipping within the 48 contiguous states, $1,750 net if shipping to Canada and $2,500 net if shipping to Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico.

How can I get my order history with Tomahawk?

We encourage all of our plumbing wholesalers to create an online account with Sioux Chief. There you can see order history and check item availability.

Where can I get specifics about an item, such as box quantity or installation instructions?

This type of information is available on the website. Use the search tool to navigate to the item's webpage. There you will find box quantity, specification sheets, installation instructions and photos.

Where can I get current list price for an item?

Current list prices are available on the website. You may search by item number. Pricing is available on the webpage or a price index can be downloaded in Excel or PDF.

How can I purchase Tomahawk Products?

If you are a plumbing wholesaler or retailer you can purchase from Tomahawk directly. If you have never purchased from Tomahawk before a simple credit application will need to be submitted, this can be obtained by calling customer service or by creating an account online through the My Account portal. If you are a plumbing contractor you may purchase Tomahawk Products through your plumbing wholesaler. If you are a homeowner, Tomahawk Products are available in retail stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. Please use the "Where To Buy" link for a complete list.