California Proposition 65

California’s Proposition 65, also called the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, was enacted in 1986. As part of the law, the state is required to publish a list of chemicals that are “known to the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.” The list is updated at least once a year and now contains about 800 different chemicals. The complete list can be found on the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) website.

As part of the law, businesses selling products to people in California must provide “clear and reasonable warnings” if one or more listed chemicals may be present in their product, even if it is only present in trace quantities.This warning is often in the form of a label on the product or its packaging. In compliance with this law, certain Sioux Chief products will appear with the following warning on their packaging:


Packaging Note:  When the above warning is called for, it will be provided on the specific package offered for sale, and not necessarily on every individual part within that package for sale. For example, a bag of 10 parts may be offered for sale as “1 bag” containing the 10 parts, and the warning may be printed on the bag only.

For more information, contact Sioux Chief Manufacturing Customer Service at 1-800-821-3944.

California Supply Chain Act

Sioux Chief Manufacturing distributes a wide variety of products to the plumbing industry. The vast majority of these products are manufactured in the Heart of America, Peculiar, MO, using American-made raw materials and components. For these materials and components, we can absolutely verify and certify (with periodic factory audits) that they are manufactured without any involvement of slavery, child labor, or human trafficking. For the small percentage of products or components manufactured outside the United States, our efforts include the following in compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act:

  • Sioux Chief conducts initial factory audits with every vendor in our supply chain to evaluate and verify that the products and components are produced without the involvement of slavery, child labor, or human trafficking.
  • Plant visits by Sioux Chief Management are conducted on a periodic basis by a member of the Sioux Chief Purchasing Department. These visits are done with little to no advance notice.
  • All Sioux Chief Personnel that are involved with supply chain management are trained to abide by Sioux Chief's policy stating that all materials and components used in the manufacturing and distribution of Sioux Chief products will be produced without the involvement of slavery, child labor, human trafficking, or any other human rights violations.
  • Sioux Chief will immediately terminate any business with any vendor found in violation of Sioux Chief's policy on this issue.