American Innovation

Tomahawk is a brand by Sioux Chief, a Buy American compliant company located in Peculiar, Missouri. While quality Tomahawk products such as our PlumbPerfect™ closet bolts, Shower WallNut™ and Wedge-Its™ are designed, sourced and manufactured by Sioux Chief right here in America, we also utilize industry-leading international manufacturers for great products like SawHorse™ and SmartSpout™. Today, Tomahawk is committed to growing a full line of quality, American-made products.

Green initiative supporters should note that the total carbon footprint of a part made in America is half of that made in China and shipped to the USA.

American manufacturing generates almost 12% of the US Gross Domestic Product.  It accounts for 60% of our exports and employs nearly 12 million people. 70% of US dollars spent on research and development come from the manufacturing sector.

Buy American when you can.  We will succeed as Americans when you do!